Huzzah! …Er, maybe? Hopefully? When I say “proponent,” I mean that in the sort of weak-tea, oh-so-careful, still-a-greenie-enthusiast, bureaucratic sense of the word, and I don’t want to speak too soon (Lisa Jackson was a kind of Fracking “Supporter” In Name Only), but… at least it isn’t one of those fossil fuel-loathing, hardcore eco-zealots currently lobbying President Obama so hard against the practice of hydraulic fracturing altogether. Although, I doubt he thinks it would be politically wise to nominate that type of candidate anyway, despite his epic born-again climate-change championing. That’s just not the way the world is headed, and I suspect he’s looking to build an administration ready to start really touting natural gas as a great middle ground that fits in nicely with his ostensible “all of the above” approach. Reuters reports:

President Barack Obama is considering naming nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz, one of his science and energy advisers, as the next energy secretary, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.