No sun ever rises in the same place and no sun ever sets in the same place is what a rancher’s way of life is all about.

This story is based on the life of a cowboy climbing the mountains that were stacked against him most of his life. He could have been anything he wanted to be, but his heart was in the cattle business. All the odds were stacked against him.

He came into this world surrounded by some of the greatest cattlemen who ever crossed this county and little did he know that one day he would follow in their footsteps. When this young man was growing up, he experienced everything from fishing to picking watermelons with his grandfather and those experiences early in life would keep him in the woods forever.

A rancher’s life is one of the greatest gifts God could ever offer. The fact that you are blessed with the opportunity to be outdoors and work with all of God’s creations makes a rancher a special and unique individual. Some ranchers are quiet and keep to themselves while others are very friendly and love to share their way of life.