President Barack Obama’s emphasis on job creation recycles some old ideas and introduces some new ones, many of which face long odds in a divided Congress where Republicans have little appetite for more spending, raised taxes or new burdens on business.

Using his State of the Union address as a policy springboard, Obama launched or re-launched initiatives that aim to increase manufacturing, help communities hard hit by the recession, lower corporate taxes while eliminating corporate tax subsidies, and raise wages for low-income workers.

The ambitious plans bear a liberal imprint, but the increased spending would not add to the deficit if Congress were to also approve Obama’s long-term budget blueprint to stabilize the debt with higher taxes and reductions in some government programs. Obama has proposed $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, with about $600 billion coming from a cap on deductions claimed on individual tax returns and $900 billion from reductions in spending in various government programs including Medicare and Social Security.