The 44-cent jump in gasoline prices over the past four weeks was the largest in well over three years, according to AAA.

“The 44-cent month-over-month increase is the most dramatic since June 2009. The largest increase on record was August 5-September 4, 2005 when prices jumped 75 cents largely because of Hurricane Katrina,” the travelers’ services group said in its weekly price analysis.

Here’s more from AAA:

The national average has increased for 33 consecutive days, rising 46 cents or nearly 14 percent during this stretch. This is the longest streak since the price increased 44 cents over 44 days March 22-May 5, 2011. This year’s run-up is not only larger and faster than recent years but is beginning earlier. The national average in 2011 increased by just seven cents during the same 33 day period and in 2012 it increased by 18 cents.

Average nationwide prices were $3.75 per gallon Tuesday, the highest on record for the calendar day.

That’s well below record levels reached in the summer of 2008. But prices are high enough to make the pump costs, which played a big role in election-season attacks, reemerge as a political weapon for Republicans.