Every corner of the healthcare world has something — and potentially a lot — to lose from the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set to hit the government on March 1.

Doctors and hospitals say the sequester’s Medicare cuts will cost their industries more than 200,000 jobs just this year.

A reduction in food inspections could lead to more food-borne illnesses, the White House has warned.

And advocates for medical research say their work could be set back a generation.

With the cuts looking increasingly inevitable, healthcare industries that have spent the past year lobbying Congress to cancel the sequester are now turning their attention toward absorbing its cuts.

“It’s one in a long series of indignities hat they have suffered, and it just accumulates,” said Dan Mendelson, founder and CEO of the consulting firm Avalere Health. “I think most providers are at this point girding themselves by trying to reduce costs.”