The Navy will put off repairs and upgrades to a dozen warships because of the sequester, according to the White House.

The service will scuttle maintenance work on 11 vessels stationed in Norfolk, Va., and will delay work on the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. All of the ships are stationed at the Navy’s main shipyard hub in Norfolk, the headquarters on the Eastern Seaboard for the U.S. fleet.

About half of the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set for March 1 target the Pentagon, and the White House is engaged in an aggressive public relations push to highlight the negative effects from the cuts.

Obama is set to visit the Navy shipyards in Newport News on Tuesday, when he is expected to detail the effects the sequester would have on the Navy’s readiness.

The visit will be “to highlight the fact that there will be real-world impacts to the implementation of the sequester if that takes place — if Republicans allow it to take place. It’s a wholly unnecessary self-inflicted wound on the American economy,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said last week.