Mountain Men star Eustace Conway is fighting the United States government to keep control of his property. The North Carolina man was featured on the History Channel show which highlights the lifestyle of folks who choose to live deliberately in nature.

Eustace Conway graduated from Appalachian State University more than 20 years ago and then decided to take Henry Thoreau’s words to heart. The Mountain Men star purchased some property near Boone and established a nature school to teach others how to live in closer harmony with nature.

“I live in a much different way and I’m glad for it. Basically, I’m living like the American heritage pattern of all of our ancestors and the modern world isn’t. They don’t know how to accept me. This is supposed to be the land of the free, government is supposed to help people and protect their individual liberties and freedom. That’s not what’s happening here. My gosh. This is the country that I pledge allegiance to?”