We must tip our hats to a gun store in Merrimack, New Hampshire who named President Obama as the ‘Firearms Salesman of the Year’. That is just too funny and spot on! The poster in the front window of Collectable Arms & Ammo has a picture of President Obama with the title as Firearms Salesman of the year and two AK-47rifles below his picture. In another poster next to this one features pictures of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong with a statement that reads “All Experts Agree, Gun Control Works”.

I like these guys!

The co-owner of the store makes no apologies and says, “We like to have the creative storefronts which are sort of fun in one aspect and in another aspect if we have an opportunity to make a statement we’ll do that as well”. He made sure to explain that he has made no effort to connect President Obama to the multiple dictators shown in the other poster.

He says he chose the picture of Obama to thank him for making the sales of guns skyrocket after all of the gun control debate in Washington. Although there have been many complaints from the town’s residents, it is clear the store is not breaking any town ordinances.