Gun shows at the Cow Palace draw thousands of people, but a group of lawmakers and lawmen have set their sights on them and are now proposing a major change.

Rudy Corpuz of United Playaz is a street activist who’s trying to stop the violence. He says stopping gun shows at the Cow Palace is a part of that effort.

“The guns in the Cow Palace and the guns on the street kill,” he said.

A promotional video for Crossroads of the West Gunshows says it’s the most popular gun show in America. When the show comes to the Cow Palace, the parking lots are always full and the lines are long.

In the past, there have been attempts to stop the gun shows, but they have all failed. The Cow Palace sits on state land, so local authorities have no power to ban them.

But that may end if State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, has his way. His resolution requires the boards of supervisors of both San Mateo and San Francisco counties to officially approve guns shows at the Cow Palace before they are held. Since both boards have already gone on record opposing them, if the bill becomes law, it’s almost certain none will be held in the future.