As the House debates and votes on appropriations for the Department of the Interior, much of the focus will be on the Environmental Protection Agency’s record. One thing is increasingly clear: what the Obama Administration has been unable to achieve through legislation, the EPA will enact through regulation.

The agency’s politicized agenda is sorely out of step with the American people and our national economic interests. The latest example is EPA’s waiver to allow 50 percent more ethanol in our fuel.

Yesterday, the EPA published its final rule on the appropriate use of gasoline with 15 percent ethanol (E15), including its attempts to mitigate misfueling concerns. This follows the agency’s decision to grant a waiver allowing this higher ethanol blend into the national gasoline supply. This waiver came at the request of the ethanol industry, but it will come at the expense of American jobs and consumers.

For every American who owns and operates a boat, lawnmower, or tractor, E15 poses a real and serious threat to both the engine and the individual operating these products. Overheating, combustion, and premature engine failure have been cited as potential consequences from E15.