Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), architect of the House GOP budget plan unveiled last week, defended his proposal Sunday, saying it was Washington’s best chance to make a “down payment” and avoid a looming debt crisis.

“My goal and hope with this budget is that now that the Senate is actually doing a budget, is that we now have this vehicle, this legislative process, which was always intended to work this way,” said Ryan on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “The House passes a budget, the Senate passes a budget, talk with the president and let’s get a down payment on the problem.”

Ryan acknowledged that it was unlikely Obama would sign the House GOP budget into law.

“But let’s get a down payment, let’s get a good start on the problem. That, to me, is something that a constructive, bipartisan engagement can accomplish” he said.

The House Budget Committee chairman said he welcomed Obama’s outreach to congressional lawmakers but would wait and see if the president was sincere about reaching an accord on a grand deficit deal or would resume campaigning.