You could make a hobby of collecting these “My God, what have we done?” pieces from Left-media outlets, as the full devastation of ObamaCare comes crashing down on individuals and businesses across the country. The latest paper to peer into the eerie fog outside its bedroom window and see Barack Obama’s undead health care program floating outside and tapping on the glass is the New York Times, which on Wednesday published a “case study” of wholesale bakery in San Diego called Baked In the Sun:

THE CHALLENGE: The company is one of thousands of small businesses that employ more than 50 full-time employees and thus will be required to offer health insurance to their workers — or pay into a government fund — beginning Jan. 1. Rachel Shein and Steve Pilarski, the married owners of the bakery, which employs 95 people, estimate this could cost their business up to $108,000, and they are weighing their options as the date approaches. “Our revenues are about $8 million, but the food business is a low-margin industry so cutting $108,000 out of our profits, which are just over $200,000, is a big deal,” said Ms. Shein, who is the chief executive. They are evaluating different ways to comply with the new law and finance the expense.