I can feel it. This is where we come together, people. When it comes to our stomachs, we’re all libertarians now.

Why? Because a growing cultural trend of embracing high-quality foods from local sources to make our gobbling both more green and more gratifying has run into a lot of onerous food regulation that makes the delivering and selling of your neighborhood kale or goat cheese illegal. It has also run into entrenched food purveyors in the market who are more than happy to use government regulation to muscle out these small, new competitors. This cultural trend is of course also fertile ground for many a liberal buzzword. There’s homesteading and sustainable eating, which you may know by the term “my garden.” There are locavores, which you may know by the less catchy “neighbors to whom I give extra bell peppers from my garden.” There’s a CSA, which you may know as a “farm.” But the point is, we like the same, yummy things and those yummy things, by whatever name you choose to call them, require freedom and local control to truly prosper.

Which is why more towns, even/especially in liberal states, are doing this: