Barack Obama

Even in an Easter message, he can’t help the socialism creeping in- ‘we have a shared responsibility to look out for our fellow citizens”.

Of course, notice the “I” throughout, even in describing Jesus’s message, because it just wouldn’t have any meaning without Obama declaring it so.

Easter and Passover is a special and sacred time for millions of Americans to reflect on their common values, President Obama said Saturday.

In his weekly address to the nation, Obama noted the Christian and Jewish holidays afford people an opportunity to take a break from their “busy and noisy lives” and “slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer and reflection.”

“This week, Jewish families gathered around the Seder table, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the triumph of faith over oppression,” Obama said. “And this weekend, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and I will join Christians around the world to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hopeful promise of Easter.

“As Christians, my family and I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us — how he took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation. And we recommit ourselves to following his example here on Earth.