It’s been not at all troubling to me to watch President Obama be pilloried for having the temerity to comment on California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ looks — mostly because of the different standards to which Democrats and Republicans are routinely held on such “women’s” topics by Democrats and the press.

Here’s a news flash for worshippers in the Cult of Obama: The President is just a normal man. Normal men notice women’s looks. And normal men reason — not inaccurately — that most women like to hear that they’re attractive. Only in elite lefty circles in this post-feminist era have there been attempts to codify an etiquette governing when it is politically correct to compliment a woman’s appearance.

The whole episode was silly to the rational mind. But note that President Obama called Harris to apologize for having complimented her (and we all know that the President doesn’t apologize for anything but America with any frequency!). It’s not because Jonathan Chait or other lefties were incensed at his behavior. It’s because he recognized the danger to his political brand among the wider public in allowing this story to keep circulating.