None of this is should come as a surprise. Tuesday, CNN came out of the closet with an open declaration that “The Most Trusted Name In News” would use two full days of programming as a propaganda push for legislation tightening background checks. CNN has been so good about keeping that promise that, this morning, a pro-gun control Senator thanked a CNN anchor for his support.

Wednesday morning on “Starting Point,” anchors John Berman and Christine Roman hosted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), one of the two senators responsible for the compromise legislation on background checks.

Neither anchor challenged the Senator about a single concern Second Amendment activists have with the legislation. Instead we saw clips of Newtown families (on Piers Morgan, naturally) pleading for gun control and Roman using the old “some say” ploy to claim the legislation wasn’t tough enough. The only mention of the NRA was their opposition to the bill.