The latest Fox News poll on immigration is a fount of interesting — and seemingly contradictory — political data. Let’s dig in. First thing’s first:

Border security is another aspect of this issue, and opinions are changing. Nearly twice as many voters say border security is at the right level today (32 percent) as said so in 2010 (18 percent). Still, the poll finds 60 percent of voters think it is not strict enough, and another 68 percent want new border security measures to be completed before changes to immigration policies. Republicans (75 percent) are more likely than Democrats (66 percent) to say new security should be done first.

The real headline here is that two-thirds of Democrats back a “border security first” approach, which the most ardent advocates for “comprehensive” reform have resisted for years. The ‘Gang of Eight’ pact ostensibly addresses this point by erecting a series of security triggers along the path to amnesty, but for reasons I’ve explicated over the last two weeks, I’m skeptical about the efficacy of those benchmarks. I’m not alone. From a separate national survey: