People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced earlier this month they plan to use drones to watch hunters and farm operators for illegal activity this fall.

PETA doesn’t yet have drones – small, remote-controlled, camera-carrying aircraft – nor have they identified specific locations where it intends to fly them. But the group says it will purchase drones to further its mission of saving animals.

The group’s press release stated: “PETA will soon have some impressive new weapons at its disposal to combat those who gun down deer and doves.” With intentions to purchase one or more drone aircraft, PETA says it intends to “monitor those who are out in the woods with death on their minds. PETA aims to collect video footage of any illegal activity, including drinking while in the possession of a firearm, a common complaint from those who live near wooded areas; maiming animals and failing to pursue them so that they die slowly and painfully; and using spotlights, feed lures, and other hunting tricks that are illegal in some areas but remain common practices among hunters.”