Carol highlighted the Attorney General’s quote earlier, but I want to tackle it from a slightly different angle. I’ve been largely persuaded by Allahpundit’s analysis that the White House is not interested in sabotaging immigration reform. But some critics have contended that President Obama would prefer an acrimonious battle, culminating in a bitter partisan stalemate. Obama could point to his “good faith” efforts and take credit for trying, then proceed to drive an even bigger wedge between Republicans and Hispanic voters. Oh, and he’d burnish his “obstructionist” argument heading into 2014, a cycle in which he desperately hopes to regain the House in order to fend off lame duck status. (Pro tip: Pining for another Pelosi Speakership may not be the best idea). For reasons that AP has enumerated, I don’t fall into this camp — but I’m beginning to wonder. Holder’s comments are the political equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a bull, and they just so happen to come smack dab in the middle of Marco Rubio et al’s efforts to forge a bipartisan consensus.