On Hugh Hewitt’s Friday radio show, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that any immigration proposal accepted by congressional Republicans should depend upon what border enforcement mechanisms are in place, but said he was concerned that time may be running out to get that agreement.

“Look, I think the country’s sort of reached a consensus on legalization as a decent thing to do,” Krauthammer said. “The real problem is enforcement, and what are the triggers. My feeling is that Democrats give lip service to enforcement, because all they care about is legalization.”

“And then they’ll get lax, and they won’t care about it, and we’ll have a replay of ’86,” Krauthammer warned. “On the other hand, Republicans, I think, have a quite — have a position that is both, serves the national interest and is very humane, which is — for God’s sake, of course we’d be willing to legalize these people.