Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told House Republicans on Friday that they will soon get a chance to vote a full repeal of ObamaCare.

“While we have not locked in the timing, I expect that the House will vote on full repeal of ObamaCare in the near future,” he told members in a memo.

Many Republicans have been eager to vote against the 2010 healthcare law, as they did last year. But so far, GOP leaders have refrained from calling up a repeal bill and instead tried to pass a tweak that failed to win enough GOP votes in April.

Last month, the party proposed a bill that would have eliminated what Republicans say is a “slush fund” within the law and used that money to fund an insurance program for people with pre-existing conditions. But leaders ended up pulling the bill after it became clear that many conservatives were on the fence about propping up the insurance plan.