A survey by the Consumer Federation of America shows 90 percent of Americans are in favor of requiring companies to list the origin of the fresh meat they sell on the label.

As the USDA continues to receive pushback from Canada and Mexico on country-of-origin labeling, a recent survey proves the issue is one Americans prefer. In a release by the National Farmers Union, 90 percent of the 1,000 respondents either strongly or somewhat favor including the data on the label.

Respondents were almost as responsive when asked if food sellers should also provide information about where the animals were born, raised and processed, as 87 percent either strongly favored or somewhat favored the additional information on the label.

Consumers are taking an interest in where and how their food is produced and, according to the survey, would prefer the information directly on the package.

”These findings, coupled with the recent withdrawal of two short-sighted amendments to the Senate and House’s respective farm bills that would have negatively impacted Country-of-Origin Labeling, are promising indications that country-of-origin labeling is vitally important and here to stay,” NFU President Roger Johnson said.