The number of Americans who are expected to take trips to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday is down 0.9 percent from last year, according to predictions released by the AAA Auto Club.

The auto club predicted that 35.4 million Americans will travel to destinations that are more than 50 miles from their home, down from 35.1 million last year.

AAA President Robert Darbelnet said the economy and the automatic sequester budget cuts earlier this year were factors in fewer people taking trips far away from home in 2013.

“AAA is forecasting Memorial Day travel to be slightly lower this year due to an to an up and down economy, the impact of the end of the payroll tax holiday on working families and a 30-year low in the percentage of working age people in the workforce,” Darbelnet said in a statement. “Additionally, economic growth in the first quarter was strong, but the impact of the sequester is now beginning to be felt resulting in reduced economic growth expectations. These and other variables are expected to result in few travelers this holiday. ”