It’s been a good year for a certain Senator from Kentucky. No, not Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is currently attempting to sneak into his sixth Senate term unnoticed.

That leaves one other Kentuckian. If 2012 was the year for the mainstream media and moderate politicians to marginalize Ron Paul, 2013 is looking like the year that young Randall Paul might marginalize the mainstream and portray himself as a genuine purist, unadulterated by party politics or punditry (at least that’s what he would like you to think).

Senator Paul has projected himself as the most honest man in Washington, partly because that’s at least somewhat true, but also because Rand has a talent for projection. In his last few ‘non-campaign’ stops, Rand has closed out his ‘non-stump speeches’ by suggesting to “moss covered” Republicans a quote from the American painter Robert Henri: “Paint like a man coming over a hill singing.” Well, Rand Paul has done some painting of his own. And so far it’s a flattering look for him.