Every Friday as the sun comes up, a crowd forms outside Dick’s Sporting Goods in Brandon waiting for the doors to open at 9.

They aren’t there for Black Friday door-buster deals.

They want bullets.

Miss first dibs on the Friday shipments, and gun owners know the pickings will be slim to none. Dick’s, like virtually every other store that sells guns, has been suffering from a yearlong shortage of pistol and rifle ammunition. And there’s no end in sight.

“You really, really have to hunt it down,” said Joshua Reynerson, who was among 15 people standing in line for ammo on Friday, a number that has sometimes reached 50. “It’s highly frustrating.”

Reynerson has been coming to the store every Friday since about January. The 22-year-old from Riverview wants handgun ammo for target shooting with friends and refuses to pay the inflated prices offered at gun shows or online.