Self-described global warming expert and creator of the internet Al Gore seems to have forgotten that he just received $100 million in oil money from the Qatari government for selling his Current TV channel to Al Jazeera. During a recent Google hangout about the Keystone Pipeline, the former Vice President slammed the conservative Koch brothers and called them the “purveyors of the dirtiest energy on earth.”

They want to put a pipeline right down through very environmentally sensitive parts of our country so they can export it from the Gulf of Mexico to China. Well, the hell with that. It’s the dirtiest form of fuel on the planet, except for its byproduct, petroleum coke, or pet coke, that’s piling up on the Detroit River right now, part of it, thanks to the Koch brothers – the purveyors of the dirtiest energy on earth. This is an atrocity, these tar sands. It really, and so, he ought to veto that, and I hope that he will.