As unfortunate as it is that President Obama and his Department of Energy have plans for doubling down on so many of the failed and fizzling policies of not merely their last four years but of too-lavish governments around the world over the past decade or so, his pick to replace Steven Chu as Energy Secretary at least doesn’t look like it’s going to be a complete bust. Even if they only see it as a ‘temporary bridge fuel,’ and are only slowly and cautiously moving forward with giving some American companies permission for further development, and will probably still regulation the heck out of it at the expense of a more robust economy (I’m going for optimism here, can you tell?), the Energy Department under Moniz seems ready to acknowledge that natural gas has been the biggest and most successful boon to bringing down carbon emissions (the stated goal of environmentalists everywhere) so far and act semi-accordingly. Last week, Moniz signalled that he’d be moving forward on some of the more than twenty pending liquified natural gas export applications just waiting in bureaucratic limbo, a move that definitely won him a few bipartisan points in Congress: