Charles Grassley

The funniest thing about the Democrats’ ridiculous “sequester theater,” in which they pretended that increasing government spending by 6 percent instead of 8 percent would leave America in ruins, is that they didn’t waste any effort on maintaining the pretense. Even while they were trying to scare us with the alleged horrors of austerity, the government was throwing big money into various frivolities. Once the sequester drama was over, the champagne corks popped, and the caviar resumed flowing, with breathtaking speed.

So, even as the President gears up for a $100 million junket to Africa (hastily cancelling a big Tanzanian safari after the press got wind of it) and the First Lady checks into a palatial $3,300-per-night suite in Ireland (with 30 more rooms in the five-star hotel booked for her gigantic imperial retinue), we learn that everyone’s favorite government agency is getting ready to hand out $70 million in bonuses.