The Obama administration on Monday launched its effort to educate consumers about their ObamaCare benefits with a new government website and a toll-free number to answer questions.

The moves come in preparation for Oct. 1, the date when enrollment begins in ObamaCare’s new state and federally-run health insurance exchanges.

Polls have suggested that the public is largely in the dark about the new marketplaces and the healthcare coverage they offer, posing a challenge to the administration as it enacts President Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

“The new website and toll-free number have a simple mission: to make sure every American who needs health coverage has the information they need to make choices that are right for themselves and their families — or their businesses,” said Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a statement.

HHS relaunched its website in a pared down format that focuses on the Affordable Care Act.