We often refer to our founding fathers when we talk about the signing of the declaration of independence, but they could just as well be called the founding farmers, since that was the primary profession of so many at the time. There is a poem on the internet that I came across written by a California organic farmer by the name of Hilary Hodge. It’s pretty long – and some of it is kind of anti-modern agriculture, but the first few stanzas reflect our nation’s agricultural heritage and the struggles farmers of all types face today.

It’s hard to open up, to display my sad depression.
But indulge me for a while, as I share this history lesson:
During the birth of this fair nation, in 1790, just for measure,
90% of us were farmers, a new-born nation’s treasure,

And when someone went to congress then, it was a deal of sacrifice,
They had to leave their stock behind, say goodbye to beans and rice.

But now our system’s shifted: the cause for my lament,
By 1950 in this nation, we were only 10 percent,