When President Obama announced a few weeks ago that the United States would be sending arms to the Syrian “rebels,” the majority of Americans let out a disappointing sigh and many warned weapons intended for good would end up in the wrong, violent hands. Turns out, those warnings were correct. Weapons sent to the Middle East by the U.S. are now in the hands of Hezbollah, the largest terrorist organization in world with direct connections to Iran.

U.S. and Western weapons have been reaching Iranian-backed Shiite militias fighting to keep Bashar Assad’s forces in power in Syria.

Analysts say it’s unclear if the weapons were captured, stolen or bought on the black market in Syria, Turkey, Iraq or Libya. Propaganda photographs from Shiite militias posted on dozens of websites and Facebook pages show the weapons were acquired in new condition, said Phillip Smyth, an analyst for Jihadology.net, a site affiliated with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.