I heard the president on the radio the other day. He was saying that the rich want to pay more taxes to help the middle class. He said they are just waiting to be asked. More tax on the rich he says will make it all better. All I see is when you give the government more money they find more ways to waste it.

They remind me of one of my daughters, I have three. If you gave them all $100 and send them to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for family members two would come back with their gifts. The other one would show up late with no money left. She would have signed up for store charge cards, be out of money with more people to buy for, and upset that I don’t want to give her more money. Do we think she would learn anything about budgeting by giving her more money? Me neither. I feel the same about our government.

I do think our president is on to something. If the rich want to help the middle class, and he knows they are just waiting to be asked; then why don’t we have him host a telethon to raise money for the middle class. He could host it sometime between vacations. I am sure msnbc will donate the air time cause they want to help us too. It could be just like the Jerry Lewis Telethon. He could invite all his Hollywood friends and all the people he knows who wants to help could call in and pledge money to help the middle class. He could bring his teleprompter and a drummer to do a drumroll as he adds up the total . When it is over, he could give every member of the middle class a check for an equal amount. This would be fair.

The best part of the whole thing; it would be the first time in his presidency that he accomplished anything.