Over the decades, the federal regulatory state has grown while legislative control over those regulatory policies has declined, and back in 2010, the GOP came up with the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act as part of their red-tape reining Pledge to America. The REINS Act would make major regulations (defined as those with a calculated price tag of $100 million or more) contingent upon Congressional approval, and it’s been introduced in each of the past three Congresses but obviously never stood a chance in the Senate. The House is poised to vote once again on the bill on Friday, and the Obama White House would of course never allow for any such check on the executive authority through which they implement their economically disastrous and job-crushing policies. Dream on, suckers:

The White House threatened Wednesday to veto legislation requiring congressional approval of the most expensive regulations issued by federal agencies, saying the measure would undermine basic government functions.