One peculiarity I noticed back when I worked on newspapers was that whenever Democrats were in the Oval Office or if Democratic legislators had recently won significantly in an election, it seemed that there would be outbreaks of stories about UFOs, crop circles or activities allegedly linked to extraterrestrials.

It never made sense until I realized that those stories were really just the media covering up something that the Democrats had done.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of stories from the X-files, including a video of an alleged Spielberg-style craft shot from the window of a private plane in Japan.

A cigar-shaped object was videotaped over Manchester, England.

Mysterious lights have been visiting Ontario, Canada.

UFOs were seen hovering near a pyramid structure found in Area 51 on Google maps.

And if aliens don’t get you to look the other way, Charlie Sheen recently joined the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster.

Or there’s the new Bigfoot video recorded by a group of hikers.

Now CBS, in the face of numerous Obama Administration scandals and having failed to distract the nation with Zimmerman and Weiner tales, is all over the truly important stories, like the mutilation of cattle in Henry County, Mo.