Texas has been home to many of the greatest cattleman legends, and this weekend, Charles Goodnight, one of the most famous, is receiving a memorial cross on his grave from the Former Texas Rangers Association.

Before his death in 1929 at the age of 93, Goodnight made a name for himself as a cattleman and a pioneer in Texas by herding feral Texas Longhorn cattle to the railroads. He became renowned as a rancher and earned the title of the “father of the Texas Panhandle.”

Goodnight’s fame extends beyond his death. In the 1980s, author Larry McMurtry published “Lonesome Dove,” a story about two retired Texas Rangers on an adventure through the Plains. McMurtry originally wrote the novel as a screenplay, but after John Wayne turned down the lead role, McMurtry adapted the story into a book. In 1985, the novel received a Pulitzer Prize and later was adapted into a television mini-series.