Barack Obama

A rejection of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the United States Gulf Coast would not only make environmentalists and clean energy advocates happy, but also one of the U.S.’ feistiest opponents in the hemisphere: Venezuela.

A new report by the energy analysis company IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA) stated that Venezuelan oil would be the biggest beneficiary if the U.S. State Department rejects the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Today, the majority of heavy supply on the USGC [U.S. Gulf Coast] comes from Venezuela (0.8 mbd), followed by Mexico (0.7 mbd); the rest is from smaller suppliers including Colombia and Brazil,” Jackie Forrest and Aron Brady, analysts with HIS CERA, wrote in the report, according to the Financial Post. “If Gulf refiners cannot access Canadian heavy oil, the most likely alternative is Venezuelan supply, which is projected to grow based on ongoing investments.”