In response to a question at a town hall event this week, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) suggested that a majority of House Republicans support granting amnesty through a GOP version of the DREAM Act to young illegal aliens who were brought to America as minors by their parents.

Schock, a member of the whip team led by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, was laying out for constituents his stances on immigration and the House GOP leadership’s plan to deal with the issue later this year.

“They’re going to move one bill after another dealing with all the various issues that were contained in the Senate bill,” Schock said to the town hall, as seen in video posted on YouTube. “So first, the border security bill should be the first bill that moves in the House. I think that’s going to be an easy bill to pass. It passed out of the Homeland Security Committee with almost unanimous support. Almost every Republican and Democrat on Homeland Security voted for the House border security bill. I think that will pass the House and I think that’s a done deal and that’s done with. Then, you’re going to deal with your high-tech visas and your ag visa worker programs. I think, again, you’re going to get overwhelming bipartisan support on those provisions. I don’t know what the final language is going to look like.”