The Senate Republican Leader offers a welcome addition to Rep. Diane Black’s laudable legislative effort in the House on an especially toxic tentacle of Obamacare: Widespread data security vulnerabilities. This law is already raising premiums, stripping people of their current coverage and doctors, adding to national deficits, and accelerating the doctor shortage spiral. Now Americans must also fear whether their confidential financial and healthcare records will fall into the hands of identity thieves and other malicious actors. Sen. Mitch McConnell expresses these concerns in a letter to the administration, dated today:

I write to express my deep concern about reports that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has missed multiple deadlines for assuring the security of the Federal Services Data Hub. Americans should not be forced to enter into exchanges when CMS is so ill-prepared to guarantee the protection of personal data and taxpayer resources from hackers and cyber criminals who would use this sensitive data for personal gain.