Once upon a time, a country of hard working and decent people were ruled by a spoiled, wet-behind-the-big-ears bully. His skin was so thin that any attempt to question his policies or mock him resulted in an instant attack.

Pity the poor journalist who riled up President Thin Skin by making a joke about how his Dumbo ears could fly him around the country and save taxpayer dollars by not requiring the use of Air Force One. Quick as a wink, the reporter was accused of insensitivity and racism by the left-wing press. He was henceforth forbidden to report on any event other than lemming cliff jumping in Alaska.

FLASHBACK TO 2008 when not-quite-President Thin Skin was campaigning and chatting with the regular folks on a residential street in small town, USA. A citizen, a regular Joe, was tossing a football around with his son on the front lawn. He politely asked a question that not-quite-President Thin Skin couldn’t quite answer. This unrehearsed, out-of-the blue, and unwelcome moment caused not-quite-President Thin Skin to suffer an enormous internal temper tantrum. Oh dear! He’d have to respond (without his teleprompter) to a question about what he meant by redistribution of wealth.