In the aftermath of the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks in Libya that claimed the lives of Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placed four State Department employees on administrative leave. After examining said disciplinary action, Clinton’s successor has determined that none of the employees merit any further sanctions. In fact, they’ve been informed that they’re welcome to return to their posts at Foggy Bottom, starting today (via the Daily Beast):

Secretary of State John Kerry has determined that the four State Department officials placed on administrative leave by Hillary Clinton after the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi do not deserve any formal disciplinary action and has asked them to come back to work at the State Department starting Tuesday…After consideration, Kerry reaffirmed the ARB’s finding that no employee breached their duty or should be fired but rather that some should be reassigned, the official said. The four individuals are not blameless and the fact that they will not be returned to the same positions is relevant, the official said.