Here are pictures of three teenagers accused in the thrill-kill murder of a college baseball player in Oklahoma.

The senseless slaying of Christopher Lane, 23, has sent shock waves from the Sooner State to the victim’s native Australia.

“They followed him, shot him in the back and drove off,” Duncan, Okla., police chief Danny Ford said yesterday.

“When asked why he [a 17-year-old suspect] did it, he said, ‘We were bored and decided to kill somebody.’ ”

The suspects have been identified as as Chancey Luna, 16, James Edwards, 15, and Michael Jones, 17.

Lane died Friday afternoon after he was shot in the back on Country Club Road just south of Twilight Beach Drive in Duncan, Ford said. He was pronounced dead an hour later.

Lane was entering his senior year at East Central University in nearby Ada, Okla. Lane was a catcher for the Division II Tigers.

The Melbourne native started 14 games last season and batted .250.

ECU baseball coach Dino Rosato said Lane was a well-respected teammate.