COOL seems to be a ‘stand your ground’ event in the beef business. Asking the industry to label a piece of meat to reflect country of origin has caused every organization with some skin in the game to choose up sides. The first shot was fired on July 8 by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, North American Meat Association, American Meat Institute, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Mexico’s National Confederation of Livestock Organizations and four other groups seeking an end to COOL. It’s too cumbersome and costly and serves no compelling government interest, they said.

R-CALF-USA quickly returned fire. An angered Bill Bullard responded with some of his fiery-as-usual language, demanding that COOL be implemented without further delay. You can read my July 19 interview with him by clicking here. I asked representatives of several of the organizations that filed the suit to block the implementation of COOL if they would answer a few similar questions but they demurred, saying they would wait for the court to decide on the issue.