What do Michelle Obama and Chuck Norris have in common?

There is probably an answer that would make a superb addition to the hilarious list of Chuck Norris jokes. The less humorous, bipartisan response is they both support the organic food movement. Norris recently wrote that we should “eat local and organic, period,” and, of course, Obama planted an organic garden at the White House.

At the risk of finding myself on the receiving end of one of Norris’ roundhouse kicks, I suggest prudence before rushing out to join Walker, Texas Ranger at Whole Foods.

I don’t have a problem with people eating organic food. My family often does so. What troubles me are bad arguments for buying organic. Making wise food decisions entails more than just thinking about what goes into our mouths; we must also ensure that we spend our money wisely. Organic food is much costlier than nonorganic. If we are to forego more of our hard-earned dollars, surely we would want to know what kind of bang we’re getting for our buck.