The Missouri rodeo clown who came under fire for donning a mask of President Obama during his act earlier this month said he hopes to one day shake the president’s hand.

In an interview with KCTV, Tuffy Gessling said that his act wasn’t racially motivated.

“I never did anything because of anybody’s race. I don’t care what color somebody is. If they’re blue, white, green, polka dotted, striped … it doesn’t bother me one bit,” he said.

He also said he was surprised at the reaction to the routine, in which an announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see the president “run down by a bull.”

The act was condemned by Missouri lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

“I actually think that a lot of people have lost their ability to laugh,” Gessling said. “Look at the country as a whole. There is a lot more to be mad at than a rodeo clown at a rodeo trying to make somebody laugh.”