While disabled veterans, many with severe brain injuries and post-traumatic stress, continue to wait for compensation, Veteran’s Affairs bureaucrats are raking in the dough.

Staffers in the Department of Veterans Affairs have been reaping millions of dollars in bonuses despite a huge backlog of cases that has veterans waiting hundreds of days for compensation.

The bonuses were reported Monday by journalism project News21, whose findings were published in The Washington Post.

The report said that in 2011, more than two-thirds of claims processors received a total of $5.5 million in bonuses. That same year, the backlog of claims swelled by 155 percent.

Veterans who file a disability claim today will have to wait for a year or longer to get the benefits they earned and need. Only in the government can you receive a bonus while wounded veterans wait for their compensation and major backlog problems continue. Back-long claims are sitting at nearly 600,000. These aren’t just numbers, these backlogs have real life, serious and long-term consequences for veterans and their families.