A number of environmental and animal welfare groups are suing the Obama administration for dropping a rule expanding federal oversight of industrial livestock farms.

The rule, abandoned in 2012, would have let the Environmental Protection Agency collect information about the addresses and size of major farms and the number of animals at the facilities.

Failing to follow up, groups, including the Center for Food Safety; Humane Society of the U.S.; and Environmental Integrity Project allege, lacked legal basis.

“The animal agriculture industry has benefited from EPA’s lack of information for decades, and has successfully opposed efforts to increase transparency,” said Jonathan Lovvorn, a senior vice president at the Humane Society, in a statement this week. “This certainly is not good for animals, humans or the environment; it is only good for massive industrialized farms.”

The EPA does not currently collect the information about the farms, which environmental groups have said is necessary to regulate the livestock operations.