RFD-TV, America’s official network for the rural and western lifestyle, is about to debut an original, unscripted reality series dedicated to the genuine, working cowboy. RFD-TV’s “Cowboy Authentic” goes into real buckles, blood and dirt detail about what it means to be a hard-working American cowboy.

Cowboy Authentic will premier in primetime on RFD-TV on Labor Day, Monday, September 2, at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern).

Series host, John Riggs, is the real deal. Full-time cowboy and pastor, this is a man with silver spurs on his boots and solid gold in his heart. With John, RFD-TV viewers will get an intimate, uncensored glimpse into the world of the working ranch-hand. Cowboy Authentic shines a new light on this full-on life, with all its toil, turmoil and toughness of character, which lures every American to so adore the spirit of the west and their iconic cowboy heroes.

Every high-definition, action-packed episode of Cowboy Authentic strives to catch the moral lessons that cowboys live every day. This unscripted show takes on a life of its own as the cameras record the honestactions that unfold. As impressive as the videography and characters are, Cowboy Authentic is more than a television series about today’s working cowboys; it is a show that will teach real life lessons that can be used by individuals in their family, community, employment and leadership.