Since assuming office, President Obama has worked to undermine tough American foreign policy. With one move after another that makes Jimmy Carter look like a hawk, President Obama has instituted a foreign policy based on pillars of apology, cowardice, denials of American exceptionalism and political expediency.

Now, as evidence is coming to light that Syria has used chemical weapons, the president is suddenly a hawk?

As America creeps closer to military action in Syria, Obama has hedged his bets by punting the ball to Congress for a decision on Syria while still maintaining that he holds the power to act unilaterally.

In other words: The president issued a “red line” ultimatum, he got called, and now he wants to put the ball in Congress’ court to relieve him of the responsibility of “owning” the situation in Syria… while still posturing that he could act militarily if he wanted to. That’s not leadership.

On Monday, Former Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, a former Lieutenant Colonel and a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army, commented on Obama’s leadership on the Syria issue on Lauran Ingraham’s show.