National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Tuesday said the Obama administration was “quite confident” it would prevail in a congressional vote authorizing a military strike in Syria.

“We have no expectation of losing the vote in Congress,” Rice told NBC News. “We’re quite confident.”

Rice defended the administration from critics who have charged that seeking congressional approval could give the Assad regime time to prepare. But Rice said that the administration had not “announced our intentions to the enemy.”

“The United States has been making clear for years that it is unacceptable to use chemical weapons,” Rice said. “When President Obama made the statement last summer, he was speaking on behalf of the American people and the Congress.”

She also downplayed the likelihood that the Syrian conflict could spiral out of control, requiring further American intervention or putting lives at risk.

“It’s always a risk that military action can evolve in a complicated way. But we think that’s a very limited risk in this case,” Rice said.