President Obama’s request for congressional approval of a military strike in Syria is facing failure and could need a significant game-changer to pass the House.

While the authorization request might pass the Democratic-controlled Senate, substantial numbers of war-weary Republicans and Democrats oppose it in the GOP-held House.

The administration has launched an all-out offensive to turn the tide, with President Obama making calls to lawmakers and Cabinet members offering both classified and unclassified briefings. So far, it’s failed to reverse the drift of congressional or public opinion.

A Washington Post/ABC poll released this week found 59 percent of voters opposed a military strike, while a Pew Research poll found opposition at 48 percent.

According to The Hill’s Whip List, 100 House members are now “no” votes or are leaning against military authorization. Seventy-two of them are Republicans and 28 are Democrats. Only 31 House members — 10 Republicans and 21 Democrats — are “yes” votes or are “leaning yes.”